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The Raris account has been designed especially to provide the ultimate in security, function and  luxury.

Security. Security is the central pillar of the Raris offering. The Raris account is built upon a fundamental understanding of client spending, and our customised monitoring and security programmes are engineered to mitigate risks from fraud. At the same time, the Raris debit card has been developed from the ground up to incorporate a number of security features and to eliminate security weaknesses usually associated with traditional payment cards.


Function. We believe that payments should be efficient and convenient, whilst maintaining security. Therefore, the Raris account has been developed to provide the ultimate in functionality for our discerning clients, enabling spending commensurate with your requirements.


Luxury. The Raris account is accessed via the exclusive 18 karat gold debit card produced by The Royal Mint. The Raris card has your signature directly engraved into the gold, creating a lasting legacy. The Raris card  is the first precious metal payment card in the world to be hallmarked by the Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office, and is the first payment card to use source-traceable precious metals certified under the Responsible Jewellery Council’s Chain if Custody. For the ultimate in luxury, the design on the Raris card can be entirely customised to your bespoke design, with this service available by application.

1,100 years of craftsmanship

“The Royal Mint is constantly innovating, and as the UK’s leading precious metals solutions provider, we are hugely excited to launch the solid gold Raris card in acknowledgement of growing consumer demands for unique and luxury payments cards. In association with Mastercard and Accomplish Financial, Raris – the first payment card manufactured by The Royal Mint – is a combination over a 1,100 years of Royal Mint craftsmanship with tomorrow’s payment technology.” 

- Anne Jessopp, CEO at The Royal Mint

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